Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Genius of Peter Spier

Following the lead from my new blog friend, Elise at A Path Made Straight, I will be posting on one of my favorite children's books each Monday. When I saw this on Elise's blog, I just loved the idea--and immediately asked if she would mind if I joined in. If you book lovers out there would like to join us, please do! I love discovering new books to share with my children, and enjoy myself! If you post, please let us know so we can visit.


My first Children's Book Monday selection comes from one of my *favorite* illustrators, Peter Spier. You can truly get lost in his pictures with the exquisite detail he is known for. The majority of his books are wordless--you can tell the story yourself, and I promise you will find new things you never noticed before each time you "read" his books

Noah's Ark won the 1978 Caldecott Medal, and it is easy to see why. I was lucky to find this book in hardback at an outlet store shortly after my son was born. It is been one of our favorites, especially since my son has been a huge animal fan since he was tiny. He pored over this book and loved using this book to draw his own animal pictures. It is also great because it remains faithful to scripture.

If you enjoy this book, don't stop there--check out his other books at Some are out of print, but you can find a used book seller to purchase from. I have bought three Peter Spier books this way.

Other selections we enjoy include:

We The People

There are others I have not gotten, but they are on my wish list! So enjoy your Monday and make sure a curl up with your children and a good book.


Elise said...

I have never seen this one - thanks for reviewing it for us! I will be adding it (and the others) to our library list!
Thanks so much for joining! The more the merrier! :)

Karen said...

Kelly--thanks for sharing! This is great! I will look forward to seeing what you choose each week! My kids and I love to read, so new books are always high on our list!! Blessings!

Kim said...

Sounds great! We don't have that one!



Jennifer said...

Hi Kelly-Thanks for the invite to participate! I have posted a review here:


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

I love children's books! Call me crazy, but I collected them and took a course in children's literature even before my sons were born:)

Love your blog! Very well written and thoughtful insights.

In Christ,

Candy said...

Hi Kelly
I just wanted to say thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog when you visited :)
Great post too! Thanks,

Candy :)

Jennifer said...

Oooh--thanks for pointing me to this. I have been blogging a lot more about kid's books lately, and I like the idea of doing it each week. I may tag along with you.