Saturday, September 26, 2009


I had such good intentions of blogging through this journey of cancer treatment. For me, though, I found that I needed to focus on beating this--and that took most of my energy. I know that I will be "un-packing" the many lessons God has taught me along the way for many years to come. I hope to share them in the days to come.

Since I last posted, I have completed 5 months of chemotherapy, had a lumpectomy to remove my tumor, and am halfway through 6 weeks of radiation. Overall, I have done really well through most of it, keeping a pretty normal schedule. God has been so faithful through it all, bringing a peace and strengthening my support system. Having clear lymph nodes and other good news along the way has certainly been an answer to prayer.

As I look to completing treatment, my biggest issue is trying to prepare myself not to live in fear. I do not want to worry about whether or not my cancer will come back. I want to live in the love of Christ, above the fear that Satan wants to use to keep me distracted. So I guess I will be shifting my focus from surviving to LIVING!