Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Am

I recently posted Where I Am From and have enjoyed reading as several of you have posted your own version. Owlhaven has posted a new writing template that is similar called, "I Am." Once again I would love for you to let me know if you decide to post so I can read yours. It is such a creative way to express yourself and learn about each other.

I Am
I am the baby born in Kentucky to a seminary student
and high school teacher & coach
Who almost lost me to pneumonia at age two.
I am the child who played Wonder Woman, detective, sports, and dolls.
Who loved to put on shows with my brother and cousins
and loved to run through sprinklers and make mudpies-for real!
Who stored notes from my brother in my treasure box.
Who dreamed of being an ice skater like Dorothy Hamill
and never thought she would actually get to be in a movie.
I am the teenager who liked hanging out with my family.
Who wore parachute pants and jelly shoes and
loved my youth group and hated cliques in school.
Who dreamed of making an impact and knew she would be in ministry.
I am the woman who loved the college experience, playing volleyball,
and building relationships of depth.
Who loves my Savior and my family
and my ministry to college students.
I am the mother who loves reading to my kids and
whose moments of perfect bliss come when I get to cuddle
with my kids after their bath with freshly shampooed hair.
I am the teacher who loves schedules and
avoids (okay- procrastinates) things that bore me.
I am the woman who reflects and plans and obsesses, at times.
I am the person who desires change and growth
and then encounters frustrating bumps along the way.
I am the woman who still loves autumn days & summer evenings,
staring at the ocean, and the smell of rain and books.
Who still longs to learn at the feet of my Savior.
I am the person who dreams of walking on the beach with my husband
on our 50 year anniversary and living with purpose and without regret.
I am grateful for my spiritual heritage and grace.
And I am the woman who hopes that her children
will rise up and call her blessed.


Alicia said...

Beautiful, Kelly. I have a couple of little Wonder Women; it's their favorite show (the reruns).

Dianne said...

That was really nice, Kelly. Thanks for sharing. I have seen these templates around and tried to do them but haven't come up with anything worth posting yet.

Cyndi said...

This was just beautifully written. I SO enjoyed this! I may do one, because I am loving reading everyone else's. That last line was particularly touching. :)

Susie said...

Kelly, you described yourself so beautifully and uniquely. I love the line "who still longs to learn at the feet of my Savior". I feel the same way. Thanks for sharing such a personal picture of yourself with us.

Chris said...

This was beautiful! It was well written and I like the way it flows.

Lisa writes... said...


Kim said...

I love this,Kelly! Both of yours have been so sweet. It sounds like you have wonderful memories of your life!


Deidre said...

Beautiful post, Kelly. I love it!

I did one of my own today. It took me awhile - more difficult than I thought.

Thanks for sharing.

Paula said...

That is great. I love getting to know you this way.

owlhaven said...

This was just great!!

I want that last bit too...


janiswrites said...

Loved this Kelly! The parachute pants and jelly shoes brought back some memories. Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you!

Peach said...

I posted mine. Come see sometime : )

Loved reading yours, btw. Very eloquent.

Michelle said...

Loved reading that! thanks for sharing ~ Michelle raisinglittlewomen

daisyaday said...

I got goosebumps reading this. I appreciate it. Writing mine kept me up until all hours of the night last night. :)