Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where I'm From

This is something I originally saw at Mississippi Girl and included in one of my first blog entries. I would love to "tag" anyone who wishes to join in. I thought it was a lot of fun. Just click here for the template and leave me a comment if you do, so I can come read yours!


I am from the mountains of East Tennessee, from meadows and creeks, from fireflies and playing barefoot past dark.
I am from honeysuckle, from big oak trees with tire swings.
I am from family dinners and volleyball, I am from ministers, teachers, and farmers, from laughter and loyalty.
From making mudpies and putting on shows with my brother and cousins, from family celebrations, beach trips, from acres of land, from acting in plays and family devotions.
I am from a family of Christian ministry, not perfect but marked by struggle and perseverance, from Baptist hymns, cover dish suppers, and mission trips. I am from a wise and loving father who played with me before reading the paper at night and from an incredibly creative and talented mother who inspires me. From growing up with a brother who was my best friend and is now one of my heroes.
I am from the South, sweet tea and biscuits.
From moving five times before the age of 8, from the athletic grandmother I never knew, from singing with my brother, and from boardgames.
I am from being tucked in, believed in, and shown grace. I am from a place that has lovingly prepared me for where I am going. I am from a place of blessing that I did not deserve and am grateful for every day.


Mississippi Girl said...

SO fun to read yours... great job!!
Jennifer R.

Chris said...

I saw this on one of my friend's blog and have started to write my own. Hopefully I will get it posted this week. I am finding it so fun to write.

I loved yours! Your parents sound like great Godly people! You are blessed!

Jennifer said...

that was just beautiful, a work of art.

Jenny in Ca

Dianne said...

This was fun to read. Very sweet! I started my own months ago but never did finish it. Maybe I will now.

janiswrites said...

That is just beautiful. It would make a wonderful gift to give to your parents or grandparents, too. I am going to work on one for me. Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

Mike said...

Seems like you came from a very happy place.

Have a great week ahead.


Susie said...

This was such a blessing to read. Great descriptions!

Kim said...

That was beautiful,Kelly!


Kim said...

I loved this when I read it on Mississippi Girl and it yours is so beautiful as well. I may make an attempt :)What precious memories your childhood is made of!

Peach said...

I loved this, too, and plan to post mine from last year soon as well as one I found to update it at owlhaven's site.

Wendy said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

I am from the moutains of east Tennessee, too!!!! Knoxville, to be exact. Loved this!

Loraena said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I had not discovered yours yet, but after having been here, I know I will be back! I loved reading about where you are from.

daisyaday said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for the template and the idea...I posted mine at
Feel free to take a peek. I have fun reading your blog. Thank you for sharing.