Thursday, April 05, 2007

Coherent Thoughts

I am so glad to know that some of my thoughts are coherent--some days I feel rather scattered! My friends at One Day More, Home Is Where The Heart Is, For Such A Time is This, and Remain In The Vine have dubbed me a "Thinking Blogger." Cyndi, Jenny, and Deidre are daily reads and some of my favorite thinking bloggers who encourage me to a deeper walk with Christ with their insights. Brenda is a new blog "discovery" for me-I have enjoyed her reflective posts and look forward to visiting her more in the future. Thank you so much ladies! I am grateful that my thoughts have challenged and encouraged you--I give Him the glory, for I myself have nothing to offer you!

Now to the hard part! I have so many blogs that I look forward to reading and learn from. Here are just a few (in addition to the amazing ladies above) that are especially talented writers/thinkers:

Come To The Table-Chris has been such a blessing to me! As a fellow minister's wife with a bit more experience, she has encouraged me greatly with her wisdom. Through her blog and our emailing, I have come to know a woman who is striving to serve the Lord and who is real. ( I think being a mother of five breaks down a lot of pretense!)

A Path Made Straight-Elise is a gem-such wisdom and eloquence in her posts. Elise is a very talented writer that sees our extraordinary God in the ordinary occurrences in everyday life. Her perceptive posts are a blessing to read, and she shares my love of great children's literature (hosting Children's Book Monday).

Embracing My Cup-Erin was one of the first blogs where I thought, "This girl needs to be a writer!" She is another blogger whose reflective posts on being a wife and mom seeking to serve the Lord bring encouragement and challenge.

Snapshot-Jennifer is definitely a thinker. She spits out informative, perceptive, and fun posts right and left. Her blog is one stop shopping for Biblical reflection & challenge, literature reviews, life lessons, and just plain great writing.

Lisa Writes-Lisa is a breath of fresh air with her honest reflections about being a follower of Christ, wife, and mother. Lisa is another blogger with great writing ability. Great writing typically comes from great thinking and reflecting!

If I have tagged you, here are your instructions:

Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with the link to the post that you wrote.


momrn2 said...

Congrats on the nominations! You deserve it! :-)

This sure has been a fun *award* to see all over blogville!

Jenny in Ca said...

Kelly, I am familiar with only one of the blogs you listed, I am looking forward to visiting the others.

Loraena said...

I always appreciate your posts, Kelly. You definitely deserve the award, imo. I look forward to checking out your recommendations, too. Personally, I've been struggling with a little bit of blogger's block lately. =) Hope I can break out of it soon.

Chris said...

Thank you Kelly,
You are a blessing to me too!

Have a blessed Easter weekend.

Susanne said...

Your post are always very insightful! Congrats. You deserve it!

Elise said...

Kelly! Thank you so much, friend, for your kind words - we spur each other on, yes?
Are we in agreement that having to only pick five blogs absolutely stinks? :(
You would have been one of mine, too!

Lisa writes... said...

Thanks for thinking of me as one who thinks! I appreciate the award and your kind words. Right back at you my friend!

Jen and family said...

jen at

Jennifer said...

Thank you--and congrats to you.

And I learned something new about you in this post. You may have mentioned it before, but it never stuck with me that you were a pastor's wife.

Kim said...

Congrats on the award, Kelly. I enjoy reading your blog when I can sit still long enough to catch up on reading.

I enjoy Jennifer's blog as well; I'll have to check out some of the others when I get a chance.

Have a great weekend.