Monday, December 11, 2006

Being Faithful

Sometimes when I hear comments like "we just need to be faithful," I think to myself "what does that mean??" Besides gleaning wisdom from scripture, I like to have word pictures to help me visualize concepts. Ann Kiemel, a favorite writer, explained faithfulness like this:

it is not: "Jesus, i will be deeply committed to You if You'll heal my brother . . . or increase my salary . . . or give me that new house . . . or make me famous."

it is rather: "Jesus, i will follow You to the end. no guarantees asked. no special rewards except that You will be at the end of the road to meet me when i get there . . .
and i will know that i have lived my life out in truth. whatever is along the road . . . during the race . . . "yes" to it. to anything You bring into my life."

I love this! Being faithful means saying "yes" to Christ along the road. Being faithful means that we follow Christ for the sole purpose that He will be at the end of our journey. Our reward is Him!


Anonymous said...

How true is that???? VERY!! We never know what our journey brings, but to choose Christ every day is what counts!

Anonymous said...

I have a book by Ann Kiemel that my mother in law gave me the year my husband and I married. I recently came across it when unpacking books.

I put it in the section on the bookshelf to read in the new year.

This is a beautiful picture of faithfulness

Susanne said...

Yes! We follow Him because of who He is. He is our reward as you put so well!