Thursday, December 21, 2006

Favorite Christmas Books

I love reading to my children. Christmas is a wonderful time to snuggle up and read together. Here are some of our favorites that we bring out during the Christmas season. Just click on the title to access the Amazon link and learn more about the book.

1) The Story of Holly and Ivy - A wonderful story about a little girl and doll finding a home and each other at Christmas.

2) Peter Spier's Christmas! - One of my absolute favorites! Peter Spier's illustrations are amazing and the books are wordless-you and your kids tell the story. My children love his books-other include Noah's Ark, Jonah, Rain, People, & Circus. Like Christmas!, many are out of print, but can be found from sellers on Amazon. So worth it. Christmas! walks throught he Christmas season with a family-shopping, decorating, playing in the snow, feasting, celebrating, and worshipping! Can you tell that I like this book?

3) The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey - This beautiful book tells the story of a grieving carpenter whose heart is touched through carving a nativity scene for a widow and her son. The illustrations are more like paintings. I have the old version-a newer, smaller version is now in print.

4) The Story of Christmas - This board book of the Nativity story is still a favorite with with 8 and 5-year olds.

5) The Night Before Christmas - What's Christmas eve without this classic book? We love the version illustrated by Will Moses, his detailed folk art-inspired pictures are so fun to look at!

6) The Apple Tree Christmas - Charming story of a simple farm family and their apple tree. Watercolor pictures makes this a beautiful and sweet read highlightling the love of a father for his daughters.

7) Christmas Day in the Morning - A heart-warming story of a very special gift that a boy gives his father for Christmas.

8) The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree - Like The Story of Holly and Ivy, this book is illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Barbara Cooney-wonderful illustrations and story. We get teary-eyed at the end.

9) The Pine Tree Parable - Sweet story about a family of Christmas tree growers and their gift to a poor family that parallels the sacrifice made for us.

10) The Nutcracker - Our favorite version of this classic story.

11) The Twelve Days of Christmas - Favorite version of this book and carol that we read and sing together.

12) The Alcott Family Christmas - Fans of Little Women will love this sweet Christmas story about the more important things that money can't buy.

13) Silent Night - Another book illustrated by Will Moses that tells the story of the Miller family with the lyrics of the famous song as inspiration.


Kim said...

Thanks for your list...some of these are new to me and I am going to buy a few new ones for next year.



Cindy said...

Being a confirmed bookworm, I loved your list! Also, I'm soon to be a grandma, so I should save these for future reference.

My TT is up too. Merry Christmas!

Jane said...

I did this list last week for my Thursday 13 and would you know we only have one book in common! There are just so many wonderful Christmas stories for children! I have to check out your titles!

Paula said...

Thank you for sharing. They all sound wonderful. And thank you for the links. It is nice to be able to check them out so easily.

amy said...

What a great list. I have lots of reading to do next year