Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our Gifts, His Glory

One of my favorite quotes is from Eric Liddell, the great Scottish Olympic champion and missionary to China portrayed in the movie, Chariots of Fire. He said, " When I run, I feel His pleasure." As an athlete, this always meant a lot. Playing volleyball was not directly serving the Lord, but the WAY played volleyball could bring honor to Him. By using the talent and ability He gave me to do my best and to play with joy and good sportsmanship, I could give Him the glory. I truly could feel His pleasure as I played.
God has created us all with many unique gifts and abilities. Just because you may not teach a Bible class or serve Him directly in Christian ministry, does not mean that you cannot use the abilities He gave you to bring glory to Himself. Think outside the box about ways to use your special talents to serve Him creatively.


Paula said...

That is a great quote. Also that is very true. You bring God pleasure by usung your talents that He gave you.

Judi said...

Amen! So true.

Kimber said...

Oh I recently heard that quote and thought it was awesome :) Somethings I think God gave to us - just to bring us pleasure and it is awesome to think that we can bring PLEASURE to God's heart too :)