Wednesday, January 31, 2007

To Make You Think

Here are some thoughts from Beth Moore that have been "simmering" in my mind over the past week or so:
  • Part of spiritual maturity is ceasing to equate hard with bad. . . Just because it is easy, does not make it good.
  • Sometimes we don't have a knowledge problem, we have an obedience problem.
  • Nothing sin can give us can be worth what it takes from us.
  • If we are full of ourselves, we cannot be full of the Holy Spirit.

Just wanted to share these for reflection. Please pray for my spunky 5-year-old daughter who has been running a low fever for a couple of days. Our house is strangely quiet without her usually ever-present, precious singing and talking.



Cyndi said...

Ooh, Kelly what great thoughts! Especially that first one. Sometimes we equate something that wrapped up neatly and was easy as "God really answered *that* prayer!" Sometimes it's. just. hard. And He's in the midst of that as well. I have to remind myself that there was work in the Garden of Eden before there was sin. I'm glad I read these... now they can "simmer" in my mind, too. Thanks!

Just said a prayer for your sweet 5 year old. May her singing and spunkiness return soon. You are a sweet mom. :)

Jane said...

Great thoughts, especially no.2. Hope your daughter will be better soon.

Deidre said...

I love these, Kelly.

I've heard the second one before. That's a tough one, but so good.

I will pray for your daughter. There is so much junk going around.

janiswrites said...

Number 3 really strikes home with me. I have to consistently remind myself of that. Thanks for sharing with us! I will be praying for your daughter. I hate it when my kids are not quite up to par. Blessings!

Chris said...

Those are wonderful reflections. I am printing these and putting them in front of me.

I have had sick children over the last week as well. My 11 year old daughter is home today.

I pray your daughter feels better soon.

Susie said...

I love these quotes, especially "Sometimes we don't have a knowledge problem, we have an obedience problem." It doesn't matter how much we read our bible daily and serve in every ministry under the sun; we have to obey God-Period! I will say a prayer for your little one.

Jenny in Ca said...

thanks for sharing those, really good to think on.

I hope your little one is feeling better soon.

Susie said...

"If we are full of ourselves, we cannot be full of the Holy Spirit."

That one hit the spot with me today. Thanks for sharing these.

Lots of people are coming down with the yuckies lately it seems. I hope your girl gets better fast.

Kim said...

I hope your little one gets better soon! Fever makes them feel so bad!

You're in my prayers~


Peach said...

Ditto to what Cyndi said. She read my mind!

Kelly said...

The season of sickness is upon us all! I really like the fourth one. So true! Where did these thoughts come from? Was it a specific study? I just started the Partriarchs.

Susanne said...

So true, just because it's easy does not make it good. Great thoughts Kelly, thanks for sharing them.

Hope your little girl is feeling better quickly.

Alicia said...

Hope she's doing better; I'll be praying.